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    We will contribute to the development of the industrial society with the accumulated technology and know-how.

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    We have the “power” to solve global issues such as water, the environment, and energy.

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    It has been 90 years since we started from a trading company.
    We have continued to meet the needs of society.

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Technology of OKAMURA Corporation

Sea Water Electro-Chlorination System

We, OKAMURA Co., Ltd, propose the seawater electrolytic chlorine injection equipment applying a recycling method.
It can realize to be installed to wider range of using which could not apply conventional method (once-through method)

Product introduction

Gas Chlorination System

Chlorine gas injection is the most efficient treatment method for chlorine treatment of water and sewage, and prevention of adhesion of marine organisms to various structures  as in thermal power plants and seawater desalination plants.

Brine Electro Chlorination System

Brine Electro Chlorination System is a system generates sodium hypochlorite on-site through the electrolysis of a Salt Solution..

With the company motto of Politeness, strict adherence to delivery, and anticipation of the times, we will continue to challenge new business fields by improving our design, manufacturing, and procurement capabilities.

Field of OKAMURA Corporation

We provide sterilization equipment, chemical injection equipment and water quality analyzers used in water purification plants, water transmission plants and sewage treatment plants.

We design, manufacture and sell parts, special equipment and jigs and tools used in power plants. We also contribute to the safe operation of equipment by dispatching personnel to the after-sales service of equipment in the power plant in collaboration with our customers.

We provide coating bolts and ballast water sterilization equipment used in offshore facilities to meet the ever-increasing energy demand.

We propose sterilization equipment and plastic piping materials such as GRP and HDPE used in desalination equipment, including engineering.

Equipment engineering

We perform maintenance for domestic nuclear and thermal power plants, development and design of maintenance equipment, industrial equipment and machinery.

Piping engineering

We perform piping engineering for plants.

History of OKAMURA Corporation


Business expansion in the marine field

Started manufacturing and selling marine equipment in a wide range of fields, from passenger ships to container ships.


Entering the energy field

We have started manufacturing and selling thermal power plant equipment and maintenance equipment as well as the marine field.


Entering the nuclear power generation field

We are working on the development of maintenance equipment and equipment for nuclear power plant inspection equipment and the production of power generation equipment.


Efforts in the vacuum equipment and space fields

In addition to being involved in the manufacture and sale of parts for superconducting accelerators and superconducting ship propulsion equipment, we also took on the challenge of developing new models such as rocket range equipment and equipment for mounting the Space Shuttle.


Entered the field of desalination and water treatment

We are contributing to the construction of power plants around the world by designing cooling water sterilization systems for thermal and nuclear power plants. In addition, utilizing our experience in designing cooling water sterilization systems, we are also engaged in water supply and sewage business in Southeast Asia and desalination business using filtration membranes.


Full-scale overseas expansion

As the ratio of overseas business has increased, we have begun full-scale expansion overseas, including Thailand. We will contribute to the infrastructure development of the countries in which we are expanding by utilizing the experience we have cultivated in power plants and the technology of desalination and water treatment.

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