Goals of SDGs that OKAMURA Corporation is working on

Action 1

We will continue to take on the future of global environmental problems and energy, which is becoming more and more important, with reliable technological capabilities.

Protect the beautiful earth that is easy to live in through energy.

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Action 2

Quality as the basis of all corporate activities.

There is no perfection in the quality that bears “safety” and “security”, and daily corporate activities are always carried out with “better” as the quality policy.

Related efforts
  • Obtained ISO9001 certification
  • quality policy
  • Quality education
  • Quality Assurance System

Action 3

“Aiming to create a comfortable working environment for all employees.”

We will thoroughly implement compliance training and actively exchange opinions, aiming for a comfortable working environment for each employee.

Related efforts
  • Acceptance of foreign technical intern trainees
    As part of our international contribution, we are accepting foreign technical intern trainees. In addition, since we take the initiative in hiring employees after the training period, the ratio of foreigners in the company is high, making it an international workplace. As a result, the atmosphere inside the company has become brighter, which has led to invigoration within the company.
  • SDGs internal promotion activities
    OKAMURA Corporation established the SDGs Promotion Committee in-house in 2022 and is conducting activities on a regular basis. We will update the information about local volunteers and in-house educational activities.